Discount Policies

We like to show our love and friendship by giving credits in your wallets and discount coupons. Our friendship comes with no strings attached, and we try the same with the wallet and coupon codes too! Here are some basic guideline and framework for their usage.


  • Codes are case sensitive in nature.
  • No two coupon codes can be coupled together.
  • Coupon codes cannot be clubbed with wallet points.
  • You will have to choose the best coupon code as per the products in the cart, even if we wish, we can't do that for you! 
  • Discounting and wallet points do not apply to shipping and cash on delivery charges unless mentioned.
  • All coupon codes, credits come with specific usage requirements, please note them before applying.
  • Adihuman reserves the right to invalidate third party coupons if they find any dubious usage for the same.


  • Unique coupon codes are applicable once, per use, per customer and they expire as per the date mentioned when issuing
  • For non-unique coupon codes, the expiry is dependent on till when the offer and stocks last


  • In case of size replacement, the product will be replaced irrespective of the price revision
  • In case of design and product replacement, the difference in the price is to be paid. Discounting will not be carried forward to a new product. Final amount paid by you for the previous product will be considered when calculating the difference if any.


  • The discounted amount, credits used will not be applicable for refund.