Shipping Policy

At Adihuman, we are committed to providing you with the best possible shipping experience. Please take a moment to read and understand our shipping policy to ensure a smooth delivery of your orders.

Key Aspects of Our Shipping Policy: 

We strive to deliver our products to you as quickly as humanly possible, in accordance with our Shipping Policy. 

Shipping charges are generally waived for all orders, except for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders where a shipping cost of Rs 100 is charged from the customer at the time of delivery. 

Delivery time is determined based on the availability of the product and the delivery location (Pincode). Please note that dispatch times may vary based on specific conditions, which are detailed below.

Delivery Time: 

The delivery time of your order will depend on various factors. We have three main conditions for order processing and shipment:

Condition 1: If the order is placed before 12 Noon of a certain day, it will be shipped within 24 hours, provided that the product is available and not a customization order.

Condition 2: If the order is placed before 12 Noon of a certain day, it will be shipped within 48 hours if the product requires customization, and the design is provided by the customer exactly as it is supposed to be printed.

Condition 3: If the order is placed before 12 Noon of a certain day, it will be shipped within 24 hours of the design approval by the customer, where the design was worked upon by our in-house design team.

Products on Demand: 

Certain products available on our website are marked as "Products on Demand." These products are manufactured based on the users' specific demands. If you place an order for any such "Products on Demand," we will ship them within 5 to 10 days of placing the order. You can always reach out to our Customer Support Executives to inquire about the status of your orders after placing them. Please note that the delivery timelines for "Products on Demand" will apply from the date of shipment.

Unforeseen Circumstances: 

While we make every effort to deliver orders on time, we cannot guarantee specific delivery timelines, as delivery is subject to various external factors beyond our control. Delays may occur due to:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Transportation delays
  • Political disruptions
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

In such situations, we will proactively reach out to you and keep you informed via email updates. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by such delays.


To the maximum extent permissible by law, Adihuman shall not be liable to you or any other persons for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary, special, or consequential damages, or loss of profits, revenue, or goods incurred by you due to any delay in the delivery of orders.

For any clarifications or questions regarding your orders, please feel free to contact us at or call us at +918296810381. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Please make sure to review our Shipping Policy before placing an order. By placing an order with us, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Adihuman reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time without prior notice.