4 Best Gifting Options This Festive Season At Adihuman

4 Best Gifting Options This Festive Season At Adihuman

As the festive season approaches, we start frantically looking for gifts for our loved ones. There is no right answer, but there are choices ONLY you can make. Since you understand the person to whom you are gifting, you can make the best judgment. Some generic items that are safe to gift are sweets, flowers, apparel, photo frames, and many more. What these items don't possess is your care.

As they say "The best gifts come from the heart, not the store".

We have come up with a short list of 5 gifting choices you can make this festive season to make your family and friends happy and motivate small businesses.

Gift Choice 1 - Personalized T-Shirts/Hoodies/Tote Bags

Customized Graphic Tees, Hoodies, Tote Bags At Adihuman Innovation Studio
This is a very unconventional choice of gifting choice. However, if you are gifting to someone special who has a unique taste in fashion, they may love your gift.
One of our customers came up with this amazing quote "Hanikarak Bapu" in Hindi. Printed in a hoodie and gifted it to her brother! That was undoubtedly a fun experience for both.
Another customer knew that his friend loves doodles. He designed one, and we printed it on a T-Shirt.
We have an in-house design team who takes the burden off your shoulders to create a printable version. Your suggestions for quotes and ideas are enough for our creative bees to go humming and produce a design of your choice.

Gift Choice 2 - Personalized Travel/Coffee Mugs

Customized Travel Mugs at Adihuman Innovation Studio
If you are looking for amazing gifts for a friend, colleague, or family member who travels a lot, then you should go for travel mugs. The stainless steel travel mugs have great usability and durability. The travel mugs in our store can be personalized as they are made of steel. We've had customers who engraved names, even Korean alphabets to gift to their colleagues and friends.

Gift Choice 3 - Shark Tank Products

Deciwood Wooden Bluetooth Speaker - Shark Tank Products at Adihuman Innovation Studio
Now, this should amaze you as to where we are coming from. Well, we have a connection with Shark Tank India season 1 ourselves, and we know the founders of some of the amazing D2C brands personally. This is the reason why we can vouch for their products. You saw all the drama on TV, but have you seen their endurance to innovate their industry? Be it hemp-based protein powders or hemp-made inner wears. Be it wooden Bluetooth speakers or wooden science kits. Innovation is deep-rooted in these companies. We wanted their products to reach more and more people through gifting. When you give an innovative product, you appear smart and up-to-date and appear as someone who is a part of India's growth story.

Gift Choice 4 - Gifting for Kids

Riddle and Phonics Graphic Tees for Kids at Adihuman Innovation Studio
Educational kits or personalized t-shirts/hoodies are some intelligent options to go for. At Adihuman Innovation Studio, we bring personalization for kids with phonics and riddles range. Kids are going to love the riddles and phonics designs we offer. These designs can be printed on T-shirts or even sports bottles. You could even print a cute picture of your kid on their mug.

Whichever of the above choices you go for, we have something for you this gifting season!