Are you a pro-traveller? One Tip That Can Save You The Trouble

Are you a pro-traveller? One Tip That Can Save You The Trouble

You are a pro-traveller when you know the essentials required to carry during travel and you normally travel light. We should all take tips from you as to how that needs to be done. However, there is one tip that can add to the list of your activities before travel and it won't increase your luggage weight. Want to know, what that is?

Well, you must have wondered often times looking at someone's travel bag, mug or even a T-shirt with names or quirky quotes. You so much wanted to have your mug to have your name on it or a T-shirt idea that could have printed just for a great photo at the right place. 

Yup! That's what we are proposing. Customize your travel items today and standout from the crowd and leave them wanting. Let's jot down a list of items that you have customize:

T-Shirt or Hoodie

Customizing a T-Shirt or a hoodie is not biggie and you have a great quote or an idea you can have it designed and printed at any printing store such as Vista or Printo. At Adihuman Innovation Studio, there is no minimum order and our in-house designer can design the quote or have your name stylized for you and then print it on the T-Shirt or Hoodie which you can also get from our store. If the item of your choice is not available with us, you can have your items delivered to our store, we will customize it and ship it back to you. 

 Travel Mugs

You can have your name engraved or a picture printed on your travel mug or coffee mug. Unlike some of the well-known printing services, we do not have a standard dimension for an image or a logo, we will print it the way you like it. Also, there is no minimum order quantity. We can laser engrave your travel mugs. Some of the trending travel mugs are sold at our store such as Mont Travel Mug, Tork Travel Mug, TMBLR Travel Mug and all the specialty of all these mugs are they are made of stainless steel, BPA free and made of food grade material. 

 Travel Pillow

You may have seen dozens of neck pillows of different shapes and sizes and prints but what you might not have come across this innovative travel pillow, napEazy which you don't have to stop using once your travel is over. It is designed and patented by Aerospace Engineers and has been used by thousands of customers across the globe. Unlike other travel pillows, it can be used for more than 8 different postures. It can be customized only at our store. We will have your quote or name printed on it. 

 Travel Bags

Did you know that you can customize your travel bags too! You can embroider or have your name or logo embossed on a piece of leather or metal of your choice. Embroidery of names or logo can be done only at the manufacturing stage and hence applies to corporates that are interested in placing a bulk order. But for single orders you can have engraving on a piece of metal or embossing on a piece of leather and have it stitched later on. Now, that sounds wonderful, doesn't it. 

If you have other great ideas about customization and would like to share then do write it in the comments section! If you have customization requirements then write to us at or WhatsApp us at +918296810381.